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Latest Health and Safety News

News, views and stories of interest which may help you in your Health and Safety strategy. The archive section is always open to view stories you might have missed.

Below is a list of all our current news items, or you can view our past stories by going to our archive section.

Welcome to 2014!
This week will probably be the first week back to full staff and full production for most of us. The most important thing is that we all continue to work efficiently and safely. ... read more »
Submitted on 12 Feb 2014


Count Down to Replacing your 'Old' Health and Safety Law Poster
You 'DO' have a Health and Safety Law poster on your business premises? The Health and safety law poster must be displayed on all business premises. There are various versions of the poster including a pocket and leaflet version, so that you can select the most appropriate for your business. ... read more »
Submitted on 12 Feb 2014


Updated Workplace Regulations Approved Code of Practice (ACOP).
The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) at the back end of last year have published a new set of guidelines aimed at advising employers on how to prevent accidents in the workplace and improve general health and safety standards. ... read more »
Submitted on 12 Feb 2014


Construction Workers Are Being Urged Not To Take Their Children Onto Building Sites During The School Holidays
The boy was spotted on the scaffolding during a month-long national initiative earlier this year in which one in five construction sites were served with enforcement notices after failing health and safety checks. ... read more »
Submitted on 12 Jul 2013


Adverse Weather Conditions - Risk Management a Helpful Guide
The current weather and flooding conditions are having many affects on businesses around the country. Add to this the annual upheaval of the festive season plans, without proper planning and awareness, it could become "bah humbug" all round this year! It is important that all persons on site or under your management adhere to common sense policies and protocols, hopefully our update will help direct your valuable time and planning to provide a safe and uneventful winter. ... read more »
Submitted on 10 Dec 2012


7 Days, 7 Tips For Businesses Over the Winter Period
Winter is fast approaching, and with it a new set of potential risks to your premises. From a Business Continuity perspective you need to consider ways in which you can protect your premises from the difficulties presented by the cold weather - and in order to make sure your premises are safe and your service uninterrupted, you need to act now. ... read more »
Submitted on 12 Nov 2012


Test 3 for Business Academy
Testing the email functions assigned to news ... read more »
Submitted on 19 Oct 2012


Test2. for Business Accademy
Testing the email functions assigned to news ... read more »
Submitted on 19 Oct 2012


Test 1.Turning the Tables: What the Environment Can Do For Your Business
Environmental management is becoming increasingly popular, especially with growing concerns and legislation. Most businesses are embracing their responsibilities and the opportunities that environmental management can bring, and yet there are some that have yet to realise that being environmentally conscious isn’t a hindrance. You must ask not what your business can do for the environment, but what the environment can do for your business. ... read more »
Submitted on 19 Oct 2012


HSE begins Fee for Intervention from Today!
Fee for Intervention to come into operation on 1 October Fee for Intervention (FFI) A reminder to all our members that Health and Safety Executives (HSEs) new cost recovery scheme, Fee for Intervention (FFI), will come into force on Monday, 1st October. ... read more »
Submitted on 28 Sep 2012


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